Dear Journal: Advices for Young newly Weds


Dear Journal,

After being in the hospital for a week now, I have occupied myself by doing wordpress and watching countless movies to pass the time of boredom. Today I am to share with you something I actually learnt from a movie.

Temptation Confession of a Marriage Counselor.

That is it’s movie title. After watching that movie I had captured a few things I think young ladies should read of my advices I am about to give based on that movie.

1. Try not to marry your best friend you have know from childhood till you are teen years.

2. Do not marry to young. The ages of 18-19. If you do, do not move out of the place you call home to an unknown city.

3. Different exposure and social life from the country side to the city changes an individual.

4. You’ll be easily tempted by something much more fascinating and interesting from your daily routine.

5. Never take someone’s advice to change your appearance. In the end, it is not only your appearance changed but the attitude and the way you act also changes into something you would see it as something bad.

6. You’ll forget your place and lost your identity.

7. You’ll hurt people whom loves you  all around you and an affair behind your married life might happen.

After watching that movie, I really feel sad and sorry for that girl. She had taken a wrong route after being married for six years just after getting to know a rich man that turned out to be a psycho in the end. Then she was identified with HIV she got infected by the rich psycho man in the end.

She lives alone in the end. As her husband married another and had a kid.

Just remember never make the wrong choices my young ladies readers or even male readers. It will scar you your whole life.

Yours Truly,



  1. thesarahdoughty · December 25, 2014

    Very wise indeed. I remember watching that movie and thinking that they’d made some drastic changes in their lives, being young, and then finding a new city, making new friends, and the wife finding something that challenges her, breaks her out of her shell and spirals her out until she has nothing left.

    I didn’t know you were in the hospital. I hope you are doing okay!

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