Dear Journal: Bonding between animals & Humans

Dear Journal,

Eemm well then, my days had been better for the whole week until weekends. Well until Saturday of course. Had a late night supper outside with family. Both sides I mean, we made an effort to gather both sides of the family just to let them know we are truly serious in getting hitched soon. Amen.

Btw, I visited a petting zoo today (laughs). You will never believe what I petted!


That’s right! Sheeps.Ain’t they cute??

Well, I adore outings. I love going to places. It calms my nerves down.The only nerves that ain’t calming down is my Fiance’s puppy. He said he bought it for us to tend to it together soon. I’m like (Awee, so adorably cute).


Seriously we still struggle in finding the right name for this pup.
Look at him, he looks as if he is about to cry. He is missing his chewing stick and things.

Oh well, thats all for today from me. Till next time. Byes! 🙂

Yours Truly,



  1. coffeennotes · January 18, 2015

    So cute ❤

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  2. thesarahdoughty · January 20, 2015


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