Dear Journal: Just Hanging Out .

Dear Journal,

Could you believe it, I am at the Royal Arts Gallery..It had been a dream of mine to be where I am standing right this instance.


And then not to come alone but filled my days and nights with the companion of my Fiancee’ and Charline my closest cousin.



We kind of filled our days with odd things but never would we feel dull. That is for sure!


A girl’s night.. to rest. While my Fiancee’ went out to buy us dinner. Going to town  might take him at least an hour.. so me and Charline decided to paint our nails and do a makeover. Well.. its worth the fun.


Thats me waking up in the morning.. and searching for warm coffee.. of which my Fiancee’ Johnathan gave me a pre-ordered room service Coffee lol!  He Pre-ordered it by dawn before I woke up.


Right on Charline! She is having fun xD such a bestie cousin she is. I love her so much.

Till next time.

Yours Truly,


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