Poem: Miedieval Ways


Miedieval Ways

The walls are thick,
Dungeons and Dragons collides,
Socerors all young and old,
Battling their way out for freedom.

Slaves caught to be sell off,
No judgements are made clearly,
Only innocents cries are heard,
Yet still pain is to be endured.

An endless fight,
Blood shall rise and spill for all,
The lands shall be covered with deaths,
Nobody shall survive this unless He who shall not be killed.

The Lord. The One.

Yours Truly,



  1. xngelamaningas · January 12, 2015

    Hi Chii!! I tagged you to do the 31-day blog challenge! 😀 I hope you join and do it too! Enjoy! Read more about it here: (http://xngelamaningas.wordpress.com/2015/01/12/the-31-day-blog-challenge/)

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