Sister Stole my Guy! (Form of Diary)

Everyone knew ..well the damnation knew I was a freak. Things change and I got backstabbed by my own partner in crime ( my own sister). She knew how Jason meant to me! Yet…she slept with him numerous times and declared her love for him behind my back.

I should have told him sooner that I like him. But nooo.. I was too shy. And now, my own back stabbing , no good, dirty CUNT sister is dating him. Where is the justice in this life of mine! (Cries).

If only tears valued more than gold and money… I’ll be richer than Madonna.




  1. Galit G. Balli · January 1, 2016

    Hun? Is this happened long time ago or just now.
    I though you were engaged 💍

    Liked by 1 person

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